Knock Out Cannabis Products

Agent Orange

Orange, Orange, Orange- Uplifted. A strain that hits that perfect sativa vibe leaving you feeling happy, relaxed, and energetic. This citrus heavenly smell is a real favorite for going out and socializing with your friends.


Sweet, Earthy, Cheesy- Relaxed. A sativa dominant hybrid that most find helpful to alleviate those moderate levels of pain, muscle tension and social anxieties.


Cherry Pie

Earthy, Berry, Sweet n’ Sour- Giggly. A dense indica dominate strain with beautiful hints of purple and wildly orange hairs. This feel good strain has even said to cause fits of laughter and euphoria.

Death Star

Pungent, Earthy, Diesel- Pain Relief. Great for daytime or nighttime use this versatile potent fuel smelling strain. Slow to onset but once activated, all cares are replaced with feelings of relaxed euphoria.

Green Crack

Fruity, Funky, Citrus- Euphoria. An uplifting sativa dominate strain your sure to enjoy during your daily grind. Known to also fight off fatigue, stress and depression it is a mental buzz that will keep you going on those tough days.


Berry, Sweet, Delicious- Focused. A milder hybrid strain just covered in orange hairs largely reported as leaving you relaxed without the cloudiness. Although most would say the genetics for this compact strain is unknown, everyone agrees the berry aroma is a pleasure to the senses.

Monster Cookies

Grape, Berry, Sweet- Sleepy. This Indica dominate strain is meant to help decrease pain and stress so you can relax and wind down before going to bed. A must if you suffer from insomnia and need that extra help falling to or back to sleep.

Royale OG

Flowery, Piney, with a hint of pineapple- Balanced. A true hybrid with just the right balance to uplift you, alleviate pain while providing that social, feeling of euphoria. A strain fit for a King or Queen.


Lemon, pungent, woody- Happy. A Indica dominant strain that works to kick that feeling of stress and depression. One of the oldest and strongest OG strains with that lemon pledge frosty nuggets just covered in bright red hairs giving the appearance it is on fire.