Cocoa Meds Products

Looking out for the health of our patients is important to us. We only use premium quality ingredients in our chocolate products, so you only receive the best of mother nature and the healing that comes with medicating naturally.

Milk Chocolate Bar

Our Milk Chocolate – the bar that started it all. We pay special attention to our flagship product by constantly improving from start to final product. With single-sourced chocolate and smooth finish, no-flavor distillate oil, we focus on your taste buds.

78mg THC.

Milk Chocolate Crisp

Our Milk Crisp is for our milk chocolate lovers who want an extra crunch! Smooth, fun and medicinal every time.

100mg THC.

Dark Chocolate Bar

Our Decadent Dark Chocolate for those who enjoy the rich flavor of darker cocoa. This crowd favorite is savory and slightly sweet on the finish.

64mg THC.

Milk Chocolate CBD Bar

When you need to medicate, the Milk Chocolate CBD Bar is a crowd pleasing option.

74mg CBD

Dark Caramel Sea Salt

When you’re feeling fancy, the Dark Caramel Sea Salt is a crowd-pleasing mixture of rich caramel, juxtaposed with rich cacao and a touch of sea salt.

73mg THC.