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Organic CBD-Infused Olive Oil

Hemp-derived infused with pure CBD isolate.  Contains no THC.

Drizzle, cook or bake – also, use it topically for relief and rejuvenation.

Large: 8.5oz – 99.9% pure CBD

Grass Valley Orchards Product - CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Grass Valley Orchards Product - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

Heated, filtered hybrid Sativa.  A mild flavored, super healthy and versatile edible option!

Easy to dose and cook/bake with – 15 mg THC per teaspoon.

Economical Travel sized – Organic Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

Large: 8.5 oz – 762mg THC per bottle

Small: 1 oz. – 90mg THC per bottle

Grass Valley Orchards Product - Small Olive Oil
Grass Valley Orchards Product - 5 hour energy

5-hour Synergy PowerShot -2 oz.

A great way to either get your day going or that extra boost you need to power through your day! Great tasting and packed with superfoods and anti-oxidants like acai berry, elderberry, and black cherry.

50mg THC per bottle + 100mg caffeine (same as a strong cup of coffee).

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