C-cell Technology Vaporizer Cartridge

Americanna Premium CO2 Cannabis Oil Products

3x-5x Refined Lab Tested Zero Solvents Full Flavor Cannabis Oil

70/30 -70/30 Distillate 0.5 Gram Advanced

90/10 -90/10 Distillate 0.6 Gram Advanced

Americanna Battery Plus Travel Case

Ccell technology with LED Light tip activation indicator

We’ve used revolutionary CCELL Ceramic Cell Technology to match our sophisticated oil craft.

Ceramic Cell Technology Disposable Vaporizer Pen

Our disposable pen is pre-loaded with cannabis oil for vaping on the go. It is an accessible way to medicate on the go.  This is the best option for travelers who value discretion and convenience. Our breakthrough vaporization ccell technology is available on all of our hardware including the disposable pen.


Lab Tested Zero Solvents Cannabis Oil

75% THC Winterized Glass Syringe 1.0 Gram

90% THC Distillate Glass Syringe 1.0 Gram

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