About Us

We are “people” people.

We are everyday people living active lifestyles: we meet, greet, converse, run, dance, sing, play, work and volunteer in our communities. We have no stereotype.

Our dedicated team is blended from backgrounds in education, health & fitness, retail, service, hospitality and the cannabis industry.

Our leadership team brings decades of business experience in sales, marketing, customer service and “people” development from various industries, as well as medicinal cannabis.

bSEEN Ageless
bSEEN Trustworthy
bSEEN Unique

B the Best

B Quality: we sell and promote only natural, lab-tested products.

B Consistent: we ensure reliable quality product-by-product.

B Value: we offer the best pricing based on scale, exclusivity and discretionary standards.

B Educated: we enlighten and promote with the patient-benefit top of mind.

B an Advocate: we are customer ambassadors with state-of-the-industry knowledge, training and partnership nurturing.

We Offer Quality Products

Many vendors knock on our door. We often say, “No thank you.” If we wouldn’t offer a product to ourselves or adult family, we won’t offer it to the discriminating cannabis patient.

We only sell and promote medicinal products that meet our lofty standards: organic, naturally-processed, lab-tested.

Our People Plus Our Products = Success!

Milestones in 2017:

  • Tripled our people resources
  • Tripled our quality product lines
  • Quadrupled our product demonstrations
  • Quadrupled our product sales

We pay it forward and give back:

  • We learn and train constantly for the present – and the future.
  • We invest in and educate people: our team, your team, and your patients.
  • We change minds and perspectives through informed thoughtful dialogue.