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Newell’s Botanicals Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil

3x A Charm at The Emerald Cup:
1st Place for Best Infused Topical Three Years in a Row!

Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil is a supremely simple yet effective blend of premium oils, infused with whole, organic herbs and extracts, packaged in easy-to-use, take anywhere, roll-on applicator bottles (10ml). Contains 40mg THC-A and 10mg THC.

“Our products are designed, first and foremost, for our families. Our passionate dedication to using the highest quality ingredients and practices comes from a place of love, and we are honored to be able to extend that same zealous excellence to you”.

Chelsea and Newell, co-founders.

Newell’s Botanicals formulate their products from traditional healing herbs and extracts chosen for theirhistorically documented ability to relieve aches and pains. They use only the finest organically produced botanical ingredients sourced as close to home as possible and infused using a classic low-temperature oil enfleurage technique.

Newell's Botanicals

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bSeen is built on a marriage of cannabis pedigree and professional business expertise – a generation of cannabis pioneering coupled with a diverse pool of business-savvy leadership.

As an advocate and influencer, we create strategic bridges with shared-value partners – continually building a strong altruistic eco-system – helping people benefit and communities prosper by normalizing the use of a natural beneficial plant.

Our goal is to be the leader in developing collaborations between cannabis professionals that provide a superior customer experience in product and service.

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A Woman Founded Company

About Us

BSeen in the Light


I was one of the original vendors afforded the opportunity to partner with BSeen. From their inception, I have experienced the devotion and passion of their leadership when it was a very small operation. I have since witnessed their rapid growth and how it’s built on the passion, trustworthiness, and dedication of the people who have since joined the team.

Paul, Mr. Natural Wax

I moved from Arkansas to California. I have always engaged people and wanted to help them – wanting to be a nurse in my youth. I discovered that cannabis is a magical plant that helps people, so I thought: “Why not be in the medicinal cannabis industry?” BSeen has allowed me to do just that while allowing me to diversify and broaden horizons.

Camille, Regional Sales Rep

Every day is different – the diversity of who I meet and the scope of the interactions. I get to go and be seen – everywhere.

Hannah, Regional Sales Rep

We’ve been carrying Americanna cannabis oil for 3+ years now. It’s some of the best oil on the market: super clear, super consistent, and their hardware is on point. Great company to work with.


Americanna has always been one of our top dogs here at SFFOGG. From the product to their service (BSeen), everything is made easy & clear! In this industry, we value relationships like this.